Sunday, February 18, 2007

No Public Service Staff

One thing that takes some getting used to is having no public service staff. Anyone who takes P.S.'s for granted should have to come up here for pennance. I thought doing CPIC entries and looking after exhibits weren't too bad but there is a lot more work here than one would think that has little to do with actual policing. Friday Iqaluit crown faxed the subpoena list for court. They don't fax subpoena's its up to the members to type them up, then get them signed by a local Justice of the Peace then go and serve them. Needless to say with my typing skills it took a little over two hours to get them all done. We also do all our own informations up here. On the bright side I am learning all sorts of new things that no one ever does down south

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Jill said...

All I can tell you is you better learn all you can about PRIME so the system will be easier for you when we go "live" in this neck of the woods...or do they use "PROS"..I think they do...only BC is different from the rest of the country.