Sunday, February 18, 2007


Saturday night is drop in Basketball at the local school. I went with Mike the other member here. Aside from ourselves there was 9 Inuit so we had a pretty good game of 5 aside basketball. We played 2 1/2 hour halves so it was a pretty good workout. Everyone was there for a good time and quite a few of the players brought their wives and kids with them. There is also floor hockey on thursdays so I'll have to give that a try this week. So for anyone thinking of coming up here there are things to do in your off time if you look around.


Jill said...

I think the inuit use sports as an excuse to stay warm....I wno't tell you about the sunny day we had today, or the rain expected for the next week...yuck!

Marty & Julie said...

We're interested to follow your exploits in your own version of "Northern Exposure." Your wife (who e-mails me regularly btw) tells me she misses you. Honest. She would deny that if you confronted her with that piece of information, but it's true. Are you taking lots of photos? When you return, tell Patti that you want to have a "Great White North Night" and put your photos as screensavers on your big screen so we can see what it's like up there. Dibs on the guest room.

Mom & Dad said...

Glad to hear son that outside of work there as some fun things to do also. Had a good day up at your place yesterday. Took Rowan out for a walk and we covered ever mud puddle there was what fun. I guess mother told you how after my run Saturday I came home and washed my cell phone that was in my running jacket. They do not like that at all. Had to go get a new one. Hope this find all well


Anonymous said...


We are having another mild day today. Nan is looking after the boys and they are soo happy to stay home and have someone to play with.(Nan is subsituting in for DAD).

Well we past your half way mark and it is hard to believe. Take care and donot eat yellow snow.

Love Patti & family

Anonymous said...

I was swimming with my buddies
in the dum dum river, soon after I took my girl on the koo koo train to CRAZY TOWN.