Sunday, March 4, 2007


Well I was all set to leave Igloolik on the 3:45P.M. flight on Saturday. Unfortunately when I arrived at the airport I was told that due to mechanical problems the flight was delayed out of Iqaluit. The plane was eventually cancelled at 5:30P.M. so lucky me I got to spend another night here. Unfortunately I had packed everything away and was loathe to start unpacking things.

I woke up Sunday morning looked out the window and things did not look promising. Visibility was about 200' with blowing snow. We have been hit by the first real big storm since I got here. Fortunately here its just a wind warning. 2 hours south in Hall Beach it is a full Blizzard warning so I am wondering if there will be any flights getting in today. The plane normally flies from Iqaluit to Hall Beach then here.

For me I can say that today was the coldest I have experienced since being here. I nearly froze on the two minute walk from the house to the office to write this. It is currently -38 with a wind chill of wait wait -60. Personally I think that's just a little too cold.

My flight today was supposed to be at noon and its currently 10:00. I should find out in about 1/2 hour what is happening with my travel arrangements. If I make it to Iqaluit today I'll be pretty surprised. If I don't well I'll probably post some sort of call for help on this blog.

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