Saturday, February 24, 2007

Last Week

Well one more week to go. The last three weeks seem to have gone by awful fast. This last week in particular was very busy work wise with a number of files keeping me occupied. I wrote up a few reports to crown so who knows maybe I'll get called back for court so I can see Igloolik in the summer time. I've also managed to avoid doing traffic work even though at times the thought of pulling over a skidoo for excessive noise is overwhelming

Last night (Friday) There was a birthday party at the high school for one of the teachers. They opened up the gym and there was about 25-30 people there so we started out with a game of dodge ball. Now I haven't played dodge ball in a long time and it was surprisingly fun. However, they were not using the old hard rubber balls filled up to 20psi that I remember as a kid. Instead they were using softer Nerf type balls, somehow the fear factor of getting hit wasn't quite the same but lots of fun.

I had thought about taking the skidoo out today but its -40 with the windchill and that's just a little too cold. Hopefully I'll get out tomorrow as it is supposed to be a little warmer and hopefully a little less windy.

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Anonymous said...

Northern Steve, I am glad you are learning that there is more to work than traffic tickets!! Sounds like the month is flying by, I must say I thought -2 in Vancouver was cold this week. Can't wait see all your photos when you are home.